Driveways / Block Paving


Block paving can be used almost anywhere and will provide many years of service.  They can be used to great effect on pathways, patios, courtyards to form a unique feature on the drive.


Hinton Building Services are happy to discuss designs and patterns with you to create a unique appearance for your driveway.


There is a huge range of accessories such as cobbles, kerb sets, and dished channels to enhance your property.



Block Paving:


·         Increases the house value

·         Easy to maintain

·         Aesthetically appealing

·         Durable and long term effectiveness.


The interlocking process allows any load to be spread over the whole area making it very versatile.  The application of a sealant will greatly enhance any property and ensures the sand remains in the joints which prevents the build up of weeds.  Block paving is a low maintenance surface and all that is required is an annual topping up of kiln dried sand in the joints and a treatment of proprietary weed killer.