Flat Roofing


The introduction of Single Ply membranes into the UK approximately 25 years ago, has increased in popularity as an alternative to traditional flat roof coverings.
Single Ply membranes can easily be installed on varying roof types, such as flat roofs, curved and domed roofs and can also be installed as a vertical cladding.
The membranes are strong flexible sheets of a fleece lined PVC or TPO composition which are heat welded together to form a single complete covering over a flat roof.


What is a Single Ply Membrane?


This comes in string flexible sheets composed primarily of synthetic polymer membranes which vary in thickness and are hot air welded at joints to form continuous waterproofing systems combines with insulation and continuous support they form a complete durable roof system.
The application of Polymer technology to roofing has unique advantages for the customer:

At Hinton Building Services we specialise in Single Ply Roofing Systems such as Protan, Fatra & Sarnafil, which all hold a BBA certificate.
For a resilient new roof or a simple new repair, Single Ply Roofing Systems repeals all moisture and does not suffer with age or crackling.
It is one of the toughest materials known for resistance to weather, wind and sun, making it perfect for balcony repairs and extensions.